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Vu Condos consists of two towers – 112 is a modern 24 storey tower and 116 is a soft loft mid-rise tower with 10 ft. ceilings. Located in the St. Lawrence market area, it is extremely walkable to work and shopping. 

Our focus is on 116, and the first unit we compared was a one bedroom and den with parking and locker. Its main feature is a 200 sf. private terrace which adds considerable value. The first sale was in 2017 for $714,000. It sold again at the end of 2019 for $775,000 (in just 4 days at 11% over ask). At just under 750 sqft., the price is $1060/sqft. and an annual increase of less than 5%. 

The second unit we tracked was a two bedroom/two bath with a den. It has parking, locker and a Juliette balcony. The original sale was in 2010 (the year the building was registered) for $410,000. Ten years later, in January of this year, it sold again at $795,000. The annual increase was just under 7%. At just under 900 sqft, the price is $890/sqft. A rough estimate places a value of $100,000 for the terrace on the smaller unit. There are 171 units in the building and there is currently nothing for sale. This is a first and is proof of the severe shortage of listings.the start of the hockey and basketball seasons, we thought we would look at sales of the condo attached to Scotiabank Arena. There are actually two towers of 49 storeys each. If you want to be on the PATH, experience entertainment and dining, then this is your location.