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U Condos

1080 Bay Street

Posted on Nov 19, 2021 in Condo Building Reviews

Bay tends to be an expensive street for condos due to its proximity to two downtown universities and the hospital row on University Ave. U Condos, adjacent to U of T, is one of the most expensive. Built 5 year ago, the tower at 1080 is 55 storeys and has 1002 units. We wanted to show that smaller units are even outpacing the overall condo market. B...

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Massey Square Condos


Posted on Sep 30, 2021 in Condo Building Reviews

The Massey Square complex of condos is in Crescent Town, a 10-minute walk to the Victoria Park subway station. Yes, the building is 48 years old, but the units are large and VERY affordable. Condo fees are high because all utilities are included. Expect to pay $750-800 per month but property taxes are just under $1,000 per year. Because of high co...

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The Polo Club


Posted on Mar 09, 2021 in Condo Building Reviews

2020 Price Increase Forecast
One of the older condo buildings in Toronto (built in the eighties), is 23 stories and has 336 units. These units have 8 ft. ceilings and no balconies. These are not features that appeal to young buyers. What it does have is a superb location near universities and hospitals and sits just south of Yorkville. Are there any deals to be found in older...

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ICE Condos 2


Posted on Feb 23, 2021 in Condo Building Reviews

2020 Price Increase Forecast

We wanted to test the impact of COVID-19 over 2020 on Downtown condos. We picked Ice Condos because there were a significant number of sales and it has been at the centre of Airbnb rentals which have since been banned by the building because of COVID-19 and severely restricted by Toronto. We looked at 5 sales in 2021; 5 sales from September to the...

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Aura Condos


Posted on Nov 24, 2020 in Condo Building Reviews

What we know is that Condo prices continued to rise from October through to February. With the COVID-19 lockdown, what was the impact after that point? We looked at three sales at the Aura Condos at 386 Yonge St:Downtown Condo Prices

Looking at the price/sf over 2020, it is only since June that prices have decreased about $50/sf. For an average sized Condo, the price de...

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Westlake, Phase II:


Posted on Sep 16, 2020 in Condo Building Reviews

2200 Lake Shore Blvd W.
With this Report, we are again looking at a specific condo and our focus is Westlake, Phase II. Registered in 2015, the condo sits at the intersection of Park Lawn and Lake Shore. Beneath the condo are retail stores including a Metro and Shoppers Drug Mart. The condo consists of 434 units in 44 storeys.

We looked at units that sold in 2020 from May...

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