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Toronto Market Report - January/February 2021

Posted on Mar 01, 2021 in Market Report


2020 Price Increase ForecastThe year started off much like 2020 ended: with sales and prices rising to record levels. Even condos and in particular Downtown condos, joined the market upswing. January sales at 6,900 units were 52% higher than last January. Average prices were up by 15% over January of last year too!  

So, let us address why real estate has been so...

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2021 Toronto Real Estate Market Forecast

Posted on Jan 13, 2021 in Market Report

The impact of COVID-19 :  It created a tale of two markets – low rise versus condos. Low rise prices increased 15% and condo prices were down 10%. It moved the Spring market from April to July. Sales on TRREB at 93,000 units matched the seven -year average.

The printing of money and low interest rates : People wanted to spend. Trav...

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Toronto Market Report - November/December 2020

Posted on Nov 22, 2020 in Market Report

Toronto Real Estate Year-Over-Year Summary
October showed 10,500 sales on TRREB. This was down about 5% from September but still up 25% from October a year ago. The delayed spring market continues with year-end sales expected to reach 92,000 units – the same volume as 2014 and 2017. We are still short of the record sales of over 100,000 which were achieved in 2015 and 2016...

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Toronto Market Report - October/November 2020

Posted on Oct 21, 2020 in Market Report

SALES COMMENTARY2020 Price Increase Forecast
The big news is that September sales on TRREB, at just over 11,000 units, was a record for the month. It was also 42% higher than for September 2019. As we previously reported, these numbers represent a strong Spring market (usually April, May, June). The reality is that year-to- date sales in 2020 are now equal to those of 2019. Th...

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Toronto Market Report - September/October 2020

Posted on Sep 15, 2020 in Market Report

Year Over Year SummarySALES COMMENTARY
August sales on TRREB were 10,775. This represented a 40% increase over August of last year. Some are reading too much into these numbers, trying to explain a ‘pandemic real estate boom’. The real story can be found in the year-to-date sale numbers. Year-to-date sales are still 5% lower than the number for 2019.

Most experts and econ...

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Toronto Market Report - August/September 2020

Posted on Aug 18, 2020 in Market Report

Year Over Year Summary
July was the biggest sales month of 2020 but also the biggest sales month ever for a July according to TRREB. This is the Spring market coming late. We also expect August numbers to be strong, with a slow down coming in October. We still believe in a COVID-19 second wave coming late in the Fall. Kids going back to school will be at...

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